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"To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance"

-Oscar Wilde

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A bit about me

Nestled in the quaint town of Marshall, Virginia -- about 50 miles outside of Washington DC -- in a late 1800s home & garden I share with my husband, our three dogs and flock of chickens I have found my heart's desire and my life's purpose.  This setting has brought me such joy and solace and I look forward to sharing the energy of this space with you as we journey together in the direction of your healing and happiness.

As the daughter of a foreign service officer, I was raised abroad and consider my formative years a gift of diverse experiences, cultures, and personal growth. My upbringing overseas has not only given me a unique perspective but has also nurtured a deep appreciation for the richness of human connection across all cultures.

​​My spiritual journey was activated during my teen years while living in Athens, Greece through a series of out of body experiences. These experiences set me on a quest to gain a deeper understanding of who I am, of what consciousness is and, ultimately, how to harness the infinite knowledge available to us all. Since that time, I have continued through many years of mentorship and self-study and I am passionate about helping others navigate their own awakening.


I am an intuitive channel, a master certified hypnotherapist and a certified Reiki practitioner.  It is my intent to be in service to those who quest for self knowledge and to help those who long to get in touch with their own joy -- so they may live that joy to the fullest. 

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