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Our hearts and souls are being ignited by recent solar activity leading to confusion, disruption, elation and seeking. We are on the precipice of becoming our most authentic selves. Longing to be more of who you truly are is part of this new experience.

Let me aide your mission to find joy, your life's purpose or a deeper relationship with yourself.  My goal is to help you reach yours -- to encourage you to recognize your own power and how to wield it for your highest purpose.

Let's co-create!

~ Amber Noelle


Amber Noelle

I am an intuitive channel and the founder of Soular Eve, a community dedicated to illuminating the path of awakening and transformation for all seekers of truth and light.


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Soular Eve

Soular Eve is dedicated to anchoring and amplifying the frequencies of love, compassion, and unity consciousness on Earth. We believe that by coming together in meditation, we can harness the collective power of intention to manifest a reality that reflects our highest visions and aspirations, creating a new earth.

"What you seek is seeking you" - Rumi

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